Pydantic - data validation library in Python

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Understanding Pydantic in Python: Revolutionizing Data Validation

Pydantic is a data validation and settings management library for Python 3.6 and above.

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Getting Started with API's and FastAPI

John Esther , | November 13, 2021

Getting started with understanding what are API's, the types of API's and how to get started with creating a REST API with FastAPI

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Introduction to Cloud Computing with Google Cloud Platform

John Esther , | March 16, 2021

Cloud Computing is simply the delivery of computing services like databases, network, software, data analytics, servers and storage over the Internet.

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Install GDAL in Windows 10 Python 3.x Pipenv Virtual Environment

John Esther , | May 05, 2021

How to create a Python 3.x Virtual Environment using Pipenv and install the GDAL library for Spatial Data Science without OSGeo4W

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